Port Madison Yacht Club

Salty Speaker and Potluck: Cutter Rigged Time Machine

  • 04/23/2016
  • 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Seabold Hall, 14450 Komedal Rd, Bainbridge Island

Cutter Rigged Time Machine
Terry Holland-Meyers

Save the date April 23rd to hear how Terry Holland-Meyers, an artist with experience in archaeology and cultural anthropology, with her late husband, Les Meyers, a retired advertising creative director, decided in 1985 to become cruisers on their 45’ cutter rigged sloop named Karma 2. 

The Meyers’ sailing adventures carried them to places where they sailed back in time: Up the Inside Passage in Alert Bay, in a longhouse, the Kwakiutl masks from the 1800’s had just come back to the village. Down the Pacific, while hauled out in Santa Rosalia in the Sea of Cortez, a Mexican family included them on a New Year’s Day picnic to the caves of San Borja to see the murals painted about 7,500 years ago. You will find out where to find a 1,200 year old life-size stone jaguar in a coffee field in Costa Rica. 

After transiting the Panama Canal and sailing north to the Bay Islands of Honduras, the Meyers witnessed the exposure of a temple from 553 A.D., on a visit to the Hieroglyphic Staircase Tunnel at Copan. Best of all on the Rio Dulce in Guatemala in 1989, the Mayan people were still using manos and metates, tools designed at least 5,000 years ago, in their kitchens, farming corn, and fishing with circular nets from hand-carved canoes. 

Terry learned to speak a little Q’eqchi’ and to cook tortillas over a wood fire. en, village parents asked for help to improve chances for their children to walk into the future with a more 5510 BC modern education for the new Millennium.

Come hear the PMYC Salty Speaker, Terry, tell about time travel on a sailboat and how Bainbridge Rotarians helped her education project.

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