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2016 Opti Intermediate Sailing School age 8-13 to 125 lbs.

  • 06/20/2016
  • 9:00 AM
  • 06/30/2016
  • 3:00 PM
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Registration is closed

Sailing School at PMYC registration opens 04/27/16 @ 10:00 AM


Our spring sailing school is a great and fun way for kids age 8-17 to learn how to sail, or to continue to develop their abilities, in the lovely and protected Port Madison Harbor and out in Puget Sound as their skills allow. This is a 9 day course that runs from 9:00 am to 3:00 PM each day. Most participants provide their own boats, but PMYC does rent a few Optis and Lasers through a lottery held on May 1st. This program starts new sailors at age 8-13, and up to about 125 lbs. in Optimist dinghies (Optis). As sailors progress to advanced levels of skill and weight they may enroll in our classes for Lasers and double-handed V-15's. We do not offer beginner classes for older kids beyond the Opti size and age range during our spring sailing school, but we do offer some summer camps which may be appropriate for those future sailors. Opti dinghy classes are divided by skill into 3 groups, beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Cost for the 2016 school program is $225.00 for members, and $300.00 for non-members. Boat rental if available adds $100.00 per boat for the entire 9 day program.

Beginner Opti

A class for those with no previous experience, very limited experience, or those who need more time to develop confidence. At the end of Beginner Opti students are generally able to control a boat on their own on all points of sail, and have experience tacking, jibing, rigging their own boats, and sailing to and from the dock. Controlled capsize drills on a calm day are also a part of the curriculum and are considered a very fun part of the class by most students.

Intermediate Opti

This is generally the second year class for new sailors who have successfully completed beginner Opti or who have an equivalent level of experience. This class will continue to develop and refine skills obtained in Beginner Opti and include an introduction to racing concepts and tactics, and adventures further into Puget Sound as weather permits. Knot tying skills and seamanship will also be introduced and developed.

Advanced Opti

Most students in their third or year of sailing are at this level. Racing skills and tactics will be included, but we are also planning to add other elements to the curriculum this year which focus on navigation, cruising, and some more creative endeavors to challenge sailors who may not be fixated solely on racing as their ultimate sailing objective.

Lasers and V-15's

These classes are reserved for sailors who are at the advanced level of ability and are too large for the Opti. We may have separate classes for each boat, or we may combine them depending on enrollment demand. If we combine boats into a larger class we will expect participants to share their boat with others some of the time so that sailors have a chance to experience single and double handed sailing for at least part of the class. Along the lines of the Advanced Opti offering, this class will focus on refining skills, racing, optimizing boat speed and control, seamanship, cruising, navigation, and other areas appropriate to the age group such as boat maintenance and emergency repair.

Boat requirements

Most students provide their own boats, though we do have a few for rent which are offered by the club. There are some private individuals who may also rent their boats, and we will attempt to connect those who are willing to rent their own boats to those who need them. Arrangements between privately owned boats and renters are up to those involved and are not managed by PMYC. Club owned boat rentals for the entire course costs $100.00 per boat. A lottery will be held in early May for PMYC's rental boats. We generally have more demand than boats, so if you have a friend who may be able to lend you a needed boat, or are considering purchasing one, this should be pursued early and often! PMYC currently has 8 Optis of its own to rent, a few lasers, and we do not own V-15's to rent at this time. We have 5 more Optis from the Sequim Bay Yacht Club which we will be renting as club boats this year. Thanks to them for making their boats available!

Swim requirements

A new requirement this year is a swim license from the Bainbridge Aquatic Center or an equivalent credential from another facility. If your student does not already have a swim license on file with the aquatic center, they can take the test and obtain one for free. Contact the pool to make arrangements. If you are not local and have a similar certification from another facility, let our coordinator know your situation and what you have. Our new waiver from this year includes a release to allow us to verify swim licenses with the Bainbridge Aquatic center directly, so you don't need to provide documentation unless you need alternate arrangements.

Parent volunteer requirement

Parents are expected to volunteer for at least one day to support the instructors or coordinators. Sailing and boating skill is not a requirement, but it would be very helpful to know what level of skill you have on the water. This is also a fun way to see what the program is all about first hand, and to enjoy some time on the water or at the clubhouse. Seeing numerous children out on the water and learning something new that they can appreciate throughout life is a simple pleasure that is a joy to experience. We hope you are able to join us this season "messing about in boats".


2016 Sailing school cost for PMYC members is $225.00 2016 Sailing school cost for non-members is $300.00    Boat rental cost for PMYC boats if available is $100.00 per per boat for the entire 9 day course. Rental lottery will be held on May 1st and notifications emailed promptly.


If you have questions, please email our program coordinator, Frank Renna at sailingschool@portmadisonyc.org


The following forms will need to be completed and on file prior to participation (except the boat rental form which is only required for those renting PMYC provided boats)

PMYC Sailing School medical release and code of conduct agreement 2016.pdf

2016 PMYC Sailing School Waiver.pdf

For renters of PMYC boats only:

PMYC sailboat usage agreement 2016.pdf


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