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PMYC Gunkhole Around Bainbridge, 2016

09/07/2016 7:38 AM | Keith Fetterman (Administrator)

As is the style of the gunkhole, it was a very leisure start, and getting away by 2pm, on the first day was plenty early.  The beauty of waiting of course, is that the afternoon westerly fills in and the flood tide is building, so you get to run down the east side of the island with the current. 

Woodwind tries to be a little late so we can take a place with the smaller boats, on the outside of our raft. We were treated to our PMYC ocean sailors, John and Donna DeMeyer, joining us on a spacious family powerboat.  Their real boat is on the hard in Mexico.  No matter, they are great company and they provided the "outstation", that is usually the role of Dale and Tina Ingall's boat, Wild Horses.  

When you do get tied down the first order of business is the business of the pets, so they all go ashore to the historic northwest shoreline of Blakely Harbor.  We had nine boats in all and shared food and drink and sea stories for the evening, and as the light faded the jewel that is downtown Seattle lit up the eastern horizon.  

The next day would be the treacherous rounding of the cape, Restoration Point and Rich Passage.  No great surprise that only five boats made it to Manzanita Bay the next day.  Those that did were in for a special, more intimate dinner in the cockpit of Larry and Bernadette Witty's Salish Spirit, surrounded by the future of our club.  We watched the sun set behind the Olympics, and then we watched the crescent moon do the same. 

The sail home the next day was again with the wind at our backs and the tide with us, as we gently slipped under the Agate Pass Bridge. Woodwind came into her slip, and was met at the dock by Langley Gace.  What a gentleman, and fellow cruiser!

Your Cruise Admiral, Kim


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